Sithi Nakha Festival

  • Kathmandu Valley
Sithi Nakha Festival

Sithi Nakha is one of the important festivals in Newar community which is celebrated every year on the sixth day of bright fortnight of Jestha. The festival is celebrated in honor of Kumar, the elder son of god Mahadev and goddess Parvati. Hence this day is also known as Kumar Shasthi. Besides, this festival is also celebrated as the day of Ram’s victory over Ravan. People worship the Pikhalakhu (a place outside the household) by drawing Mandap resembling Kumar. It also marked the beginning of monsoon. On this day, people usually clean the nearby water sources such as wells, ponds, stone spouts. The special Newar cuisine namely Wo ( a Newari food made of lentils) and Chatamari (a special type of Newari food made of rice flour like Pizza) are consumed on this day.

By the day of Sithi Nakha, the Newar people must complete Dewali Puja in which the family deity- Digu Deya is worshipped. The Dewali Puja is of special significance as the newly married daughter in laws are welcome in the family. The Dewali Puja also includes an event of going to the open field for worshiping the family deity, where it is located in an aboriginal condition. Besides, the family members sit together and have a ritual feast.

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