खीर खाने दिन ( Khir Khane Din )

  • Jul 30, 2024
  • All over Nepal
खीर खाने दिन ( Khir Khane Din )
खीर खाने दिन ( Khir Khane Din )

Khir (Rice Pudding) is one of favorite foods in Nepal. Usually it is celebrated in every year 15th of Sharwan (Nepalese calendar). Khir is one of the integral parts of parties and ceremonies. From marriage parties to funeral, khir is served and eaten to observe the occasion. Khir is regarded as pure food in Nepal, as it is rice cooked in milk. It is mainly eaten as desert or side dish with puri or sel.

“Kheer” is a common, yet an auspicious delicacy in Nepali cuisine. Although being just a sweet rice pudding, it is considered a pure and holy treat. Kheer Khane Din (literally translated as day for eating Kheer) marks the achievement of farmers in Nepal.

The Nepali month of Asadh and Shrawan marks the rice harvesting period for the farmers. Paddy farming in Nepal is a joyous occasion in Nepal. Whether it be men, women or people from different social backgrounds, they work in unity to plant the saplings and ensure a good harvest. Since, Shrawan marks the end of the harvest period, they offer Kheer as Prasad (holy offering) to the deities and enjoy themselves as well.

info source: www.bhandariupakar.com.np

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