Jitiya Festival

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Jitiya Festival
Jitiya Festival / जितिया पर्व

Jitiya is an important festival of Nepali married women of Mithilanchal and Tharu woman of all castes. Jitiya vrata is performed for the wellbeing and long life of her sons. It is performed on Aswin Krishna Ashtmi usually during Pradosh time.

Nepali women observe Nirjala fast (without water) on this day and break the fast next day on the end of Ashtami. Sometimes, when Ashtami begins in afternoon, women may have to fast for two days. Since nothing, even a drop of water, is put in mouth, the fast is also called Khar Jitia.

Children who escaped severe accidents are believed to have the blessings of their mother having performed this brat. It is trend or tradition to eat fish and chapatti (roti, bread) made of millet (Marua) the previous day. In the night prior to fast they take a meal just before the beginning of Ashtami. This is peculiar to this fasting only. Often children are awoken and fed the preparations. This is known as Ongthan.

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