Harsiddhi Jatra

  • Harisiddhi, Lalitpur
Harsiddhi Jatra

According to the history of Nepal, the mask dance of goddess Harsiddhi is the “First Mask Dance” of Nepal. It is well known that there is no vocal and instrumental music and dramatic performance equal to that of Harsiddhi. The dance is very fantastic still. One can not satisfied with his first seen.

The combination of music with different instruments and the vocal which is believed the original voice of the god at that time is very charming.

In the old days, this dance is performed three months continuously. The people were not interested to watch such a long period dance and the value of it was going to decrease. So that the dance is completed within a day accumulating the main events of the dance. So, it is a little difficult to understand the nature of dance in a day, said the priest. No argument that dance is very exciting. Nowadays, the dance is performed two times in a year. First is at the time of “Yomari Purnima” and the 2nd is at “Holy Purnima”. This time is the main festival of the local people and their closest friends and relatives are invited as a guest.

info source: www.ourharisiddhi.org

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