गुँलापर्व समाप्ती

  • Kathmandy Valley
गुँलापर्व समाप्ती

Gunla Parba / गुंलापर्व समाप्ती

Gunlā (Nepal Bhasa: गुंला) is the tenth month in the Nepal Sambat lunar calendar, the national lunar calendar of Nepal. It corresponds to August of the Gregorian Calendar.

Gunla is a holy month for Newar Buddhists when they recite the scriptures, observe fasts and visit places of worship playing devotional music. It is one of the most important events in Newar Buddhism. The practice of observing the sacred month is descended from the rains retreat dating from the Buddha’s time when monks stayed in one place and taught the Dharma.

photo: www.imagepasal.com

source: wikipedia.org